The assessments of $225 will be due February 1st and August 1st. Please remember penalties will incur if the assessments are not paid within 30 days of the due date.
There are multiple ways to pay your assessments: 
1. Visit the Association Office at 2009 Stonewood Court to make a payment in person. Acceptable types of payment: check, cashiers check or money order. 
2. Pay online
3. Set up Direct Debit (ACH Withdrawal) with CCMC. 
4. Set up ‘Bill Payment’ through your banking institution. 

Why do I have to pay HOA assessments? 
Homeowners who reside in a community with a Homeowners Association are required to pay association fees as stated in the governing documents of their Association. HOA assessments help fund the day to day operation and maintenance of the common property; assessments provide services for the benefit of all homeowners. 

What do HOA assessments cover?  
The assessment paid to the Association is applied toward the operating expenses of the common area and provides reserve funds for the replacement cost of particular items in future years. HOA assessments generally pay for the association insurance policies, amenity services and upkeep, association management, enforcement of the rules, property and income taxes, and reserve funding for future repairs and maintenance. In addition, HOA assessments preserve and maintain common area elements such as landscaping services, sprinklers, utilities, lighting, signage, and watering of association owned common areas. The neighborhood communication tools such as the website, newsletter, and community social events are also part of the HOA budget. 

What happens if I do not pay my HOA assessment?  
Maintenance and management services for the community are incurred by the Association. HOA’s are dependent upon timely receipt of the assessments due from each homeowner. In addition, the Association faces funding challenges in performing necessary community maintenance functions when HOA assessment payments are delinquent. Failure to pay your assessment will result in a $35 penalty charged to your account and the fee will continue to be charged monthly until the account is paid in full. You will not have access to the amenities or association events if your account is not current. In addition, the association will refer your account to the attorney if not paid. At any time an account is sent to the attorney for collection, the cost incurred will be billed to your account. The steps the attorney will take start with a demand letter, followed by a lien and possible foreclosure of your home.   

Communication is key— Please contact the association office if you would like to discuss your account. We are here for you!